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AESQ™ standards address problem solving, inspection frequency, measurement systems, PFMEA, and process control.

AESQ Supplier Forum - AS13100 Overview (Subject Matter Interest Group Questions)



How can anyone get involved in the Subject Matter Interest Group or join the Community of Practice?

Only an AESQ Member company can join a Subject Matter Interest Group (see website for details:, but anyone can participate in a Community of Practice on LinkedIn.  Just search AESQ Community of Practice to locate them on LinkedIn..

Which subject matter group covers the SPC and capability analysis?

The RM13006 Process Control Methods Subject Matter Interest Group.

Has the applicability of design development (D/D) been clarified? Must the supplier have design authority for D/D to be applicable? Or, do the process development activities fall under D/D (as in IATF) or under Production Planning?

It depends. The RM13008 Subject Matter Interest Group intends to expand the sections on design authority and delegated design responsibility for the next revision of the RM13008.