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AESQ eNewsletter 2023 March 1

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Cincinnati Supplier Forum & AESQ Webinar Series

AESQ events cover a multitude of subject areas.  Upcoming events are listed below:

  • March 22 - AESQ Cincinnati Supplier Forum - Hosted by GE Aerospace
  • April 11 - Webinar:  The Power of Precontrol
  • May 16 - Webinar:  The One-Hour Process Control Assessment
  • May 18 - Webinar: Human Factor Failure Mode & Effects Analysis - Using an FMEA Approach to Reducing the Human Error Zone

The Cincinnati Supplier Forum agenda includes AESQ Deployment Updates, Using FMEA to Reduce Human Error Presentation, Subject Matter Interest Group (SMIG) Poster Session Discussions, Training Overview, Zero Defects for Everyone, AS13100 FAQ Panel and so much more!

AESQ creates new webinars all the time.  Watch the website for the latest offerings.


SAE G-22 Wants Your Feedback on AS13100

The SAE G-22 AESQ Standards Committee is looking to kickoff the revision of AS13100 in 2023. In support of this effort, they are asking for your feedback on the standard.

Please click the button below or send your feedback to


J&L Shares AS13100 Implementation Strategy

J&L Machine shares their approach to implementation of their AS13100 strategy including a systematic way of controlling your process, contract review, risk identification, mitigating potential issues prior to production, key characteristic and supplier management.

SKF Shares AS13100 Implementation Strategy

SKF shares their approach to implementation strategy for AS13100 including approach to gap analysis and RM13009 self-assessment as a roadmap and starting point.

Parker Meggitt Shares AS13100 Implementation Strategy

Parker Meggitt shares their approach to implementing an AS13100 strategy including timeline, milestone status by site, cumulative performance, key risks/gaps, training and more.

AESQ Question of the Month

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Get Your Questions Answererd

AESQ provides an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions supporting AS13100 including:

  • AS13100 General Questions
  • APQP PPAP Questions
  • Audit/Certification Questions
  • Feedback Questions
  • >Flowdown Questions
  • Human Factors Questions
  • Questions by Section
  • AESQ Reference Manual Questions
  • AESQ Subject Matter Interest Groups
  • Training Questions
  • Transition Questions

Click below, get your question answered and learn more.

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AS13100 Training Available

Multiple training options are  available to learn how AS13100 minimizes requirements and imporves overall product quality by focusing on the key quality systems and processes:

The 3-Day Quality Foundations Training is designed to bring together key quality systems, processes, and methodologies to show how they work as part of a system to focus on defect prevention. The course is intended to support Quality Leaders at all levels of the organization in understanding how these tools and procecces work and the characteristics of successful deployment.

The AS13100 online Requirements Training is a self-paced course designed to help yur organization gain key knowledge about a common quality language, how to gain compliance to AS13100, and the business value and benefit of the standard.

In addition, AESQ also recommends their optional webinar series to help with understanding of deployment. See past webinars on the AESQ website and watch for future webinars.

Click below, and take advantage of these exciting opportunities to learn more.

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Watch Videos of Past AESQ Events

AESQ records all of its Supplier Forums and webinars and shares them online to watch at your convenience.  We have developed a significant library of free videos including these webinars:

  • Process Capability for Unilateral Tolerances Includeing True Position
  • What Makes a Good Process Capability Study?
  • What is RM13006?
  • APQP and PPAP within the Aerospace Supply Chain
  • AS13100 & RM13004 Key Requirements for Design FMEA
  • What Makes a Good 8D?
  • RM13000 Problem Solving Methods Supplier Feedback
  • Furst Article Inspection (FAI) RM13102
  • Human Factors
  • Process Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (PFMEA) & Control Plans - AS13100 Key Requirements

AESQ also provides videos for past Suppliers Forums going back several years and invites you to view them for free to learn about AS13100 transition.


Get Involved & Join a Community Today!

The AESQ Communites of Practice (CoP) provides subject matter experts with the opportunity to exchange ideas, ask pertinent questions, share best practices, and learn as a Community. Get involved and join one or two or more today!

Download Your Free Gap Analysis Checklist: RM13009

One of the first tools developed by AESQ to support the aero engine supply chain is Reference Manual RM13009 Compliance Assessment. This free resource provides a structure for companies to identify their current compliance to the new SAE AS13100™ Standard including a 3-Part Self-Assessment Checklist that can be used to document both compliance and any gaps that may need addressed. 

Prior to conducting the Self-Assessment, it is highly recommended that a company’s Quality Leaders follow the SAE AS13100™ Requirements Training Course (on-line/ 10 hours) and/or the AESQ Quality Foundations Course to ensure complete understanding of the AS13100 requirements.


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