AESQ Member Application

I understand this Application for AESQ Membership shall be reviewed by the AESQ Steering Group in accordance with the AESQ Charter. Upon approval by the AESQ Steering Group, an invoice for the first year's dues will be sent to Applicant. Applicant’s company membership will be contingent on AESQ’s receipt of the invoiced funds. As an authorized representative of the Applicant identified above, I acknowledge that I have read the AESQ Charter, and that Applicant meets the membership requirements as detailed in the Charter. Further, I am authorized to commit Applicant, for as long as Applicant remains an AESQ Member, to abide by and to be bound by, the AESQ Charter and related Policies, including any amendments or new AESQ Policies that may be enacted; and pay the applicable dues and/or fees.*
Membership Fee*