AS13100 FAQs

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AESQ™ standards address problem solving, inspection frequency, measurement systems, PFMEA, and process control.

AS13100 Frequently Asked Questions

Q.       Where can I obtain a copy of AS13100?
A.        Click here to obtain a copy of AS13100.

Q.       How long do I have to implement AS13100?
A.       Customers will invoke independently with a target to have all suppliers compliant no later than December 31, 2022.

Q.       What is in AS13100 that is not in the existing AS13xxx series standards?
A.       Examples include increased requirements for internal audit, document retention periods, human factors, etc.  Please refer to the SAE International AS13100™ Executive Overview Training Video for additional information.

Q.       If you find a conflict with existing requirements in AS13100, what do you do?
A.       Reach out to your customer.

Q.       Are the AESQ Reference Manuals requirements?
A.       They are not requirements, but they are an acceptable means to demonstrate compliance to the AS13100 requirements. 

Q.       Are the AESQ Reference Manuals free?
A.       Yes, and they available here.   

Q.       How will I find out when the AESQ Reference Manuals are updated?
A.       Suppliers are urged to visit the AESQ website regularly and/or subscribe to receive AESQ email notifications.

Q.       Is AS13100 training available?
A.       Two types of training are available for AS13100 including an Executive Overview Training video and AS13100 Requirements Training Series.  Please visit this link for training details. 

Q.       What are the key benefits of using AS13100?
A.        Key benefits include:  Single document consolidating 5 standards into 1 standard; Agreement across all OEMs on common requirements reducing the number of unique requirements; Reduced complexity in contract compliance for suppliers with multiple customers; Leveraging of best practices among OEMs; and Raising the bar across the industry and improving quality.

Q.       Do I need to flow AS13100 to my sub tiers?
A.       Absolutely, based on the type of sub tier supplier, the applicability will differ.   Please refer to the Applicability Matrix included in AS13100.

Q.       How is AS13100 structured?
A.       It is designed to follow the AS/EN/SJAC9100 numbering scheme.

Q.       Is AS13001 Delegated Product Release Verification (DPRV) Training Requirements included in AS13100?
A.       No, AS13001 will remain as a standalone document.

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