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AESQ™ standards address problem solving, inspection frequency, measurement systems, PFMEA, and process control.

AESQ Supplier Forum - AS13100 Overview (Subject Matter Interest Group)



If we provide parts to multiple OEMs, should we expect a separate AS13100 audit from each?

Yes, if you make it onto their 'suppliers to be audited' list. The Subject Matter Interest Group will look at this to determine if there are any synergies that can be identified.

You should involve small suppliers also into getting more inputs.

This is the reason we have established Communities of Practice so that all suppliers, irrespective of size, can engage and provide inputs to the AESQ teams.

How can anyone get involved in the Subject Matter Interest Group or join the Community of Practice?

Only an AESQ Member company can join a Subject Matter Interest Group (see website for details:, but anyone can participate in a Community of Practice.

Can we apply to any Subject Matter Experts groups?

Only an AESQ Member company can join a Subject Matter Interest Group (see website for details:; but, anyone can participate in a Community of Practice.

Which subject matter group covers the SPC and capability analysis?

The RM13006 Process Control Methods Subject Matter Interest Group.

It seems that Subject Matter Interest Groups are NOT installed for every Reference Manual topic. E.g., in the slide, there was no group for RM13002 inspection frequency. What is the reason?

RM13002 Inspection Frequency Plans are combined with RM13006 Process Control Methods for the Subject Matter Interest Group.

Will a future session like this one be provided that focuses on Design Auditing?

The RM13005 Subject Matter Interest Group will review this opportunity. Please visit the Events tab on the AESQ website for a list of current events.

Has the applicability of design development (D/D) been clarified? Must the supplier have design authority for D/D to be applicable? Or, do the process development activities fall under D/D (as in IATF) or under Production Planning?

It depends. The RM13008 Subject Matter Interest Group intends to expand the sections on design authority and delegated design responsibility for the next revision of the RM13008.

Together with AS13003, could you define a common standard for the Rounding rules in analyzing variable data?

We shall pass this on to the MSA Subject Matter Interest Group for consideration.