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AESQ Supplier Forum - AS13100 Overview (Transition Questions)



When will Customer documents Sabre, GE Requirements, Pratt & Whitney be released to suppliers?

Each company has different timescales although they will all be published by the middle of 2021.

Is the method for Design Risk Analysis standardized across the OEMs? (i.e. GE, RR, Safran, & Pratt)

AS13100 has defined Design FMEA as the method of Design Risk Analysis (see RM13004). There may be a transition period to move from any current methods to the use of DFMEA that you will be informed about by the customer.

When do suppliers need to be 100% compliant with the new AS13100 standard? With the understanding that we should be compliant with the majority of the requirements in the document.

The date for compliance is set at January 1, 2023.

Are suppliers authorized to begin implementation of AS13100 (and associated RM13XXXs) ahead of customers changing their supplier QMS requirements? Example - RM13002 (or AS13002) is not an approved sampling plan by all customers yet, if we implement it, will be in compliance with some, but out of compliance for others).

Please discuss any exceptions with the customer.

Does AS13100 and the Reference Manual supersede AS1300X Standards?

Yes, AS13100 and the AESQ Reference Manuals (RMs) will replace the existing AS1300x standards (except for the free AS13001 DPRV Training Standard which will remain) by January 1, 2023, but will co-exist until then to allow organizations time to transition.

How does the supplier implement the new requirements when customers are not all on the same timeline for deployment of the AS13100?

The timeline for deployment is standard for all AESQ members - January 1, 2023.

If we’re not ready to completely deploy AS13100 before end of 2022, what happened for small companies like us ? Any deployment gaps beyond December 31, 2022 should be communicated to your impacted customers as soon as possible to ensure alignment on expectations and potential mitigation actions.
Is there any advice for a small shop 6 employees total on how to go about implementing AS13100? Upon review it appears you need a team dedicated to these different facets. I don’t know that it’s possible for a small company to achieve to a customer’s satisfaction the level needed. It says it should be able to be implemented for any size shop. Is there any available guidance on how to do that, or do you shut the doors and let the larger companies take over all the work you do as a small shop?  Thank you for your questions regarding AS13100 implementation.  The AESQ is providing a number of resources to help suppliers through the transition process.  These include training, webinars, supplier forums, deployment materials and FAQs all located here:  https://aesq.sae-itc.com/as13100-resources