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AESQ Supplier Forum - AS13100 Overview (Flowdown Questions)



Will this standard be flowed down to suppliers who do not supply any physical parts or special processes, but rather provide business process services (e.g. data management, invoice management, records management, software development, etc.)?

There are requirements for Design Only suppliers included in AS13100. For a complete list of suppliers that are in scope for AS13100 then refer to table 1.

Have AESQ member Leadership teams committed to complying internally with all of the requirements expressed in the AS13100 Standard and Reference Manuals or are they intended to apply only to the Aero Supply Chain?

Yes, as they do with the AS13xxx standards. Rolls-Royce uses AS13xxx standards and the new RMs as part of its QMS.

How will the requirements of AS13100 flow to suppliers?

By each OEM through the usual contractual arrangements.

Will it be mandatory to flow this down to all sub-tiers?

Yes. Tier 1 organizations are expected to flow it down to their tier 2s, etc. This has always been the requirement for the OEM requirements too but evidence suggests that it has not always been done effectively.

How will these requirements be flowed down by our customers? In the PO?

These requirements will be flowed by each OEM through the usual contractual arrangements.

If the intent is to take the common elements and apply them through AS13100, then why are Primes flowing down revised customer requirements (e.g., GE S-1000), that in this case, added 40 pages of content?

GE has relied on AS13100 common elements as much as possible. There will always be a need for some unique OEM requirements (e.g., IT interfaces), different acceptance threshold values, etc., but the goal of AESQ is to minimize these wherever possible. AS13100 is a major step in this direction, but the journey is not complete yet. For the record, GE did not add 40 pages of unique GE requirements. On January 1, 2023, S-1000 will evolve to less than 35 pages from the pre-AS13100 version of 70 pages.

Do you think all the suppliers should revise their quality manuals now to acknowledge the existence of AS13100 and the use of all the associated forms?

If they want to comply with the OEM requirements then they must update their QMS.

Rather how will the requirement implement or work to AS13100 flow to suppliers?

By each OEM through the usual contractual arrangements.

What we struggle with is when Tier 1 or Tier 2 come with manufacturing requirements flown down to distributors which are basically sales oriented people.

Please refer to Table 1 in AS13100 as you will see that there are very few requirements for distributors.

Most of the PFMEA and other PPAP documents include very specific IP for many suppliers, how will GE ensure that this information remains protected? GE's electronic application has strict access controls and information will be safeguarded once submitted in our electronic applications
Are there mentors(whether GE or independent) who work with companies to ensure they are in compliance with S1000 or AS13100

GE's PQE's will act as a mentor to some degree; it is the supplier's responsibility to ensure personnel are prepared to meet the requirements by the required date