Defect Prevention Webinar Day 3

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AESQ™ standards address problem solving, inspection frequency, measurement systems, PFMEA, and process control.

AS13100 Key Requirements for Process FMEA & Control Plans Webinar Series – Session 3

Led by Dr Ian Riggs, this series of interactive webinars describes the intent of the AESQ AS13100 requirements for Process FMEA and Control Plans and how they link to the effective deployment of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and a Zero Defect Strategy.

These webinars explain how AS13100 Process FMEA and Control Plans can be developed, maintained, and improved using real examples of best practices from across the industry. They illustrate the unique approach to the use of Reference Process FMEAs to help standardize the organization’s PFMEAs and to reduce the length of time taken to create them.


Introduction to the concept of Reference Process FMEAs and how they can be used to improve the quality and efficiency of the use of PFMEAs.  An overview of how the Control Plan can be generated utilizing information from the Process FMEA.