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AESQ Supplier Forum - AS13100 Overview (Reference Manual)



Do RM's contain requirements or are they just guides (like "Notes" in AS9100)? Even if they are guides and not requirements, will auditors have expectations that are used?

The RMs are there to provide guidance and an acceptable means of compliance. Alternative approaches are acceptable if they can be shown to meet the same intent. Some may need customer approval.

In the future, who will be issuing and controlling AESQ Reference Manuals? SAE or ASEQ?

AESQ, an SAE ITC Program, will issue and control revisions and publication of the AESQ Reference Manuals.

How frequently are the AESQ Reference Manuals reviewed or Revised? Is there any defined period?

There is no defined period for the review and update of Reference manuals. They are controlled by the Subject matter Interest Groups and can be updated at any time when new information becomes available. The AESQ Reference Manuals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and revised as needed.

Can you make a short explanation of the content of RM documents available for free download versus AS standard document?

AS13100 contains the requirements of the AESQ whereas the Reference Manuals describe how to conduct the key quality tools and provide guidance and best practice sharing to help organizations understand what the intent of the requirement is. Not all AS13100 requirements have a Reference manual to explain this, just the key quality tools.

Where are these forms and templates located? Are they available on the AESQ website?

All forms and templates are available from the AESQ website on the Supplemental Materials page:

Is the intent that one must use these forms or show compliance to the forms?

If this question is in regard to 8D, please use the provided form listed on the Supplementary Materials page unless you have an equivalent form that includes the same intent and which your customer is happy for you to use.

How about the current 8D report template in AS13000? Is it replaced by these new, latest formats?

The original 8D template can still be used, but we have now provided alternatives that are less prescriptive based on feedback received on AS13000 from the past 5 years of deployment.

I have a question about RM13000 Problem Solving - will it replace AS13000?

AS13000 is replaced by Section 10.2 of AS13100 (the requirements) and RM13000 (the guidance materials).

Is there any good practice to ensure that the organization does not use "human factors" as an excuse during the problem solving methodologies (i.e. 8D)?

See RM13010 and RM13000 located on the Supplemental Materials page of the AESQ website:

We are used to defending to do not end a RCA with a "Human Error". Can we consider that Humans Factors should be considered always as Contributing Factors (Not a Root Cause)? See RM13010 and RM13000 located on the Supplemental Materials page of the AESQ website:
Does this mean the sponsoring customers will allow Human Error as a root cause?

See RM13010 and RM13000 located on the Supplemental Materials page of the AESQ website:

How do I download the AESQ Reference Manuals? Are there browser requirements (edge, IE, Firefox) to download?

Please go to the AESQ website (, click on Supplemental Materials (blue box on right side of the screen), click on the file you would like to download, enter your name and email address, click Submit button, click the Save button, click Download File button. There are no browser requirements.

Is there a gap analysis template available?

Yes, please refer to RM13009 on the AESQ Website under Supplementary Materials: