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AESQ™ standards address problem solving, inspection frequency, measurement systems, PFMEA, and process control.

AESQ Supplier Forum - AS13100 Overview (Training)



Will all these training courses replace the individual training courses for each member company's individual courses?

Yes, in part, some may be seen as equivalent, and there will be no need to repeat them.

Why is there a cost for these courses? The industry is mandating the AS13100 specifications. How does this fit with the goal to reduce costs?

These training courses replace ones that you are already required to attend. Training and education are seen as key areas for improvement across the industry i.e. how to effectively deploy defect prevention quality tools etc.

Are you allowed to use other courses outside the AESQ for showing Competencies? Can a trained person train others what is the expectation?

Provided that the training course has been approved by the AESQ, then yes, that would be acceptable.

I would be interested in going to 2 of the 3 levels of the AS13100 Training courses. How do I sign-up for the training?

Visit the AESQ website, and click on the Training tab.

Must each quality leader and functional leader have a separate license or can our company use the single 365 day license?

Each individual must have a separate log-in and account for the training.

Is training in Chinese available?

The training includes subtitles (closed captioning) in Mandarin and other languages.

When is the AS13100 3-day course going live?

The Quality Requirements Course is available on-demand, and the Quality Foundations Course will be available in Fall 2021.

I'm a Quality manager - what kind of training do you think is better tailored for my role?

The AS13100 Requirements Course is recommended if you are responsible for implementing it in your company (or updating the QMS) and the Quality Foundations Course.

Shall we share this training content with the Quality leaders of our organization?

That would be a great idea.

If we already have an ISO 45001-certified management system, must we also show a specific Human Factors training requirement? Yes, although they may be the same where the intent is similar.
Is "AESQ Quality Foundation Course" also a requirement?

Yes, the Quality Foundation Course is a requirement.

Can we acquire a certification after completing the course to show our customers?

Yes, certification of course completion will be available. Please click this link for details on training:

GE has raised S-1000 to cite AS13100 and requires compliance by 2022?

Compliance is required by December 31, 2022

Will the AS13002 and AS13003 training that is scheduled at the end of June cross over and cover any extra content that will be in RM13002 and RM13003? Please ask the training provider if the training has been updated. In practice, there is very little change to the content, and there should be minimal changes required.
Will AESQ provide a list of approved trainers to ensure standardized/reliable training and interpretation of requirements? Yes, please refer to the AESQ website, and click on the Training tab to view the list.