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AESQ eNewsletter 2023 May 1

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AESQ's Virtual Supplier Forum - June 8!

Join us for the upcoming AESQ Virtual Supplier Forum on June 8!

AESQ Supplier Forums are an opportunity for the aerospace engine supply chain to learn about AESQ activities; to provide feedback to AESQ on its efforts; and to provide suppliers with the opportunity to talk directly with their customers (AESQ members) and ask pertinent questions.

Participants will learn about the SAE AS13100™ AESQ Quality Management System Requirements for Aero Engine Design and Production Organizations Standard and related deployment activities.

AESQ's Supplier Forums include AS13100 Deployment Updates, Human Factors, Subject Matter Interest Group activities, AS13100 Training, AS13100 FAQ Panel and more.

This event is being offered in multiple time zones focused on the Asia region as follows:
New Delhi - 9:30 am | Beijing - 12:00 pm | Singapore - 12:00 pm | Tokyo - 1:00 pm | Melbourne - 2:00 pm

Click below to learn more and register for this virtual event:

AESQ RM13010 Revised

AESQ issues the newly revised Reference Manual RM13010 Human Factors on April 24, 2023. This Reference Manual provides context and learning to deliver the Human Factors mandatory requirements embedded in AS13100.

In addition, RM13010 provides supplemental information on Human Factors. It includes detailed explanations of the requirements and what may be expected as a means of compliance. In many cases, examples from AESQ company members are given to provide guidance.

Download this free Reference Manual today!

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Upcoming AESQ Webinars

The One-Hour Process Control Assessment
If you were visiting a supplier and only had time to carve out one hour for a process control assessment, what questions would you ask and where or whom would you ask those questions to? Join us for this webinar to obtain answers to these questions and more on Tuesday, May 16!

Using an FMEA Approach to Reducing the Human Error Zone

Human Error has the potential to significantly impact a business’s performance, regarding product safety, quality performance as well as health & safety. As a result, the Management of Human Factors in the Aerospace Industry are a mandated requirement in a company’s Safety Management System (SMS) required by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Regulations and AS13100. Join us on May 18 to learn more!

These interactive webinars will be led by industry experts from AESQ's Subject Matter Interest Groups (SMIG).


SAE G-22 Kicks Off Revision of AS13100 and Wants Your Feedback

The SAE G-22 AESQ Standards Committee is looking to kickoff the revision of AS13100 in 2023. In support of this effort, they are asking for your feedback on the standard. All ideas and suggestions to improve the standard are welcome.

Please click the button below or send your feedback to

AESQ Question of the Month

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Get Your Questions Answered

AESQ provides an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions supporting AS13100 which continues to expand with more detailed questions arriving daily.

  • AS13100 General Questions
  • APQP PPAP Questions
  • Audit/Certification Questions
  • Feedback Questions
  • Flowdown Questions
  • Human Factors Questions
  • Questions by Section
  • AESQ Reference Manual Questions
  • AESQ Subject Matter Interest Groups
  • Training Questions
  • Transition Questions

Click below, get your question answered and learn more.

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AS13100 Training Available

Multiple training options are  available to learn how AS13100 minimizes requirements and imporves overall product quality by focusing on the key quality systems and processes:

The 3-Day Quality Foundations Training is designed to bring together key quality systems, processes, and methodologies to show how they work as part of a system to focus on defect prevention. The course is intended to support Quality Leaders at all levels of the organization in understanding how these tools and procecces work and the characteristics of successful deployment.

The AS13100 online Requirements Training is a self-paced course designed to help yur organization gain key knowledge about a common quality language, how to gain compliance to AS13100, and the business value and benefit of the standard.

In addition, AESQ also recommends their optional webinar series to help with understanding of deployment. See past webinars on the AESQ website and watch for future webinars.

Click below, and take advantage of these exciting opportunities to learn more.


Get Involved & Join a Community Today!

The AESQ Communites of Practice (CoP) provides subject matter experts with the opportunity to exchange ideas, ask pertinent questions, share best practices, and learn as a Community. Get involved and join one or two or more today!

Download Your Free Gap Analysis Checklist: RM13009

One of the first tools developed by AESQ to support the aero engine supply chain is Reference Manual RM13009 Compliance Assessment. This free resource provides a structure for companies to identify their current compliance to the new SAE AS13100™ Standard including a 3-Part Self-Assessment Checklist that can be used to document both compliance and any gaps that may need addressed. 

Prior to conducting the Self-Assessment, it is highly recommended that a company’s Quality Leaders follow the SAE AS13100™ Requirements Training Course (on-line/ 10 hours) and/or the AESQ Quality Foundations Course to ensure complete understanding of the AS13100 requirements.

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