Newsletter March 2022

AESQ eNewsletter 2022 March


"Spotlight" on MTU Aero Engines

Learn more about AESQ Member MTU Aero Engines AG and Thomas Frank, Sr. Vice President Corporate Quality through the latest AESQ Spotlight article. 

AESQ continues to "Spotlight" Member companies with a focus on their involvement, benefits & value, tools & communications and a look forward.  MTU was an early member of the AESQ initiative and has been actively involved since March 2015 including a term as Chair of the group. 

Read the full AESQ Spotlight featuring MTU Aero Engines AG on the website and LinkedIn #AESQ.



AESQ Upcoming Events


AESQ has a number of events scheduled for this spring including:

  • April 5-6 DFMEA Webinar
  • April 13 FAI Webinar
  • April 28 Supplier Forum - Asia-Pacific/Europe
  • May 4 Supplier Forum - Americas/Europe

Watch for these events and more to come on the AESQ website.


Gap Analysis Checklist


One of the first tools developed by AESQ to support the aero engine supply chain is Reference Manual RM13009 Compliance Assessment.  This free resource provides a structure for companies to begin to identify their current compliance to the new AS13100 standard including a 3-Part Self-Assessment Checklist that can be used to document both compliance and any gaps that may exist needing addressing. 

Prior to conducting the Self-Assessment, it is highly recommended that a company’s Quality Leaders follow the SAE AS13100™ Requirements Training Course (on-line/ 10 hours) and/or the AESQ Quality Foundations Course to ensure complete understanding of the AS13100 requirements.

Download Gap Analysis Checklist

GKN AS13100 Deployment Strategy Video

Learn about GKN's AS13100 Deployment Strategy from Taina Olsson, Quality Systems Director Engines, including:

  • Involvement in AS13100 Deployment Strategy Group
  • Identifying Manufacturing Sites that will be Affected
  • Introduction to the Manufacturing Sites of AS13100
  • Communication to Program Organization & Leadership
  • Compliance Assessment RM13009 Tool Distribution
  • Collect Inputs and Identify Commonalities
  • Identify Training Needs
  • Identify the Mechanism of Flow Down to Suppliers
  • Monitor Progress in Operational Leadership Team

AESQ records all webinars and makes them available on their website.

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