Newsletter, December 2021

AESQ eNewsletter 2021 December 1


AESQ Wishes Everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season

It is that time of year when we give thanks and look back on another year that has flown by us. With the December Issue of the AESQ eNewsletter, we would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season as celebrations commence and 2021 comes to an end bringing a new year with everything it has to offer.

Enjoy the Season!

Human Factors Webinars

AESQ held its first Human Factors webinar led by Catherine Catarina, Safran, and the members of the AESQ Human Factors Subject Matter Interest Group on November 30 with a follow-up webinar planned for January 12.

The Human Factors webinars provide supplemental information to support requirements specified in AS13100 and guidance in AESQ Reference Manual RM13010.  They address Policy and Leadership, Intra Company Communication, Human Factors in 8D, and Deployment at Suppliers,  Valuable examples are provided for each area.

Visit the AESQ website to watch the video recording and review the presentation and question & answer results.

January 12, 2022 - Next Human Factors Webinar

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Quality Foundations is Available for Registration with Classes Starting January 2022!

The three-day Quality Foundations course is designed to bring together key quality systems, processes, and methodologies to show how they work as part of a system to focus on defect prevention. It is intended to support Quality Leaders at all levels in the organization in understanding how these tools and processes work and the characteristics of successful deployment. It is also recommended for other functions with accountability for the quality of the design, production, assembly and test areas of the organization, including those in Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, and Business Improvement.

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Join a Community of Practice

AESQ has launched several Communities of Practice (CoP) on LinkedIn providing subject matter experts with the opportunity to exchange ideas, ask pertinent questions, share best practices and learn as a Community.

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Gap Analysis Checklist

Download the Gap Analysis Checklist. One of the first tools developed by AESQ to support the aero engine supply chain is Reference Manual (RM) 13009 Compliance Assessment. This Reference Manual provides a structure for companies to begin to identify their current compliance to the new AS13100 standard including a 3-part Self-Assessment Checklist that can be used to document both compliance and any gaps that may need to be addressed (click below to download the Checklist).

Prior to conducting the Self-Assessment, it is highly recommended that a company’s Quality Leaders follow the SAE AS13100™ Requirements Training Course (on-line/ 10 hours) and/or the soon to be released AESQ Quality Foundations Course to ensure complete understanding of the AS13100 requirements.


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AESQ provides several opportunities to get involved, support, participate and remain aware of its activities, resources and communications.

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