Newsletter February 2022

AESQ eNewsletter 2022 February 1


AESQ 2021 Year-End Report

Welcome to the Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Strategy Group's 2021 Year-End Report highlighting AESQ's continued progress.

AESQ experts issued a set of 13 Reference Manuals supporting the March 2021 publication of AS13100 and deployed a free AS13100 Executive Overview Video series plus AS13100 Requirements and Quality Foundations Training Courses.

AESQ also welcomed new Members Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Consolidated Precision Products (CPP) and Meggitt PLC.

Read more about 2021 activities and plans for expanded engagement in 2022!


RM13004 Defect Prevention Revised

Traditionally, the Aerospace industry has relied heavily on inspection, sorting good from bad, in order to protect the customer from non-conforming products. Unfortunately, we know that inspection can never be 100% effective, which means that there will always be something that gets missed.  This reliance on inspection to sort good from bad means that by the time we find a problem it may be too late to prevent delivery delays and hence customer disruption as well as the additional cost burden.  The only way to ensure that we only ship conforming parts is to avoid producing non-conformance in the first place. Defect Prevention must be our aim.

The good news is that the quality tools required for Defect Prevention are available and are well proven across many industries.  The revised AESQ Reference Manual RM13004 Defect Prevention Quality Tools to Support APQP & PPAP contains these tools and is now available for free download. 


AS13100 Supplemental Quality Management Systems Requirements & Quality Foundations Courses are Available for Registration!

Learn how AS13100 minimizes requirements and improves overall product quality by focusing on the key quality systems and processes! Through the free Executive Overview video series and a self-paced, online Requirements Course, your organization can gain key knowledge about a common quality language, how to gain compliance to AS13100 and the business value and benefit of the standard.

The three-day Quality Foundations Course is designed to bring together key quality systems, processes, and methodologies to show how they work as part of a system to focus on defect prevention.  It is intended to support Quality Leaders at all levels in the organization in understanding how these tools and processes work and the characteristics of successful deployment.  It is also recommended for other functions with accountability for the quality of the design, production, assembly and test areas of the organization, including those in Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, and Business Improvement.


Gap Analysis Checklist 

One of the first tools developed by AESQ to support the aero engine supply chain is Reference Manual RM13009 Compliance Assessment.  This free resource provides a structure for companies to begin to identify their current compliance to the new AS13100 standard including a 3-Part Self-Assessment Checklist that can be used to document both compliance and any gaps that may exist needing addressing. 

Prior to conducting the Self-Assessment, it is highly recommended that a company’s Quality Leaders follow the SAE AS13100™ Requirements Training Course (on-line/ 10 hours) and/or the AESQ Quality Foundations Course to ensure complete understanding of the AS13100 requirements.

Download Gap Analysis Checklist

Human Factors Webinar Video

AESQ held its second Human Factors Webinar led by Catherine Catarina, Safran, and the members of the AESQ Human Factors Subject Matter Interest Group on January 12 with 300+ participants. 

The Human Factors webinars provide supplemental information to support requirements specified in AS13100 and guidance in AESQ Reference Manual RM13010.  They address Policy and Leadership, Intra Company Communication, Human Factors in 8D, and Deployment at Suppliers,  Valuable examples are provided for each area.

All webinars are recorded and available for viewing on the AESQ website.



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