SAM (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. Deploys AS13004 to Achieve Zero Defects

SAM (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. Deploys AS13004 to Achieve Zero Defects

SAM Suzhou Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of aircraft parts headquartered in Singapore based near Shanghai in China, successfully deployed AS13004 resulting in an award from Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace as most improved supplier in March 2018.

Mr. Honglei Zhu, Production Manager, SAM Suzhou Co. Ltd., presented their experience "Deploying AS13004 to Achieve Zero Defects" during the AESQ Tokyo Supplier Forum in October 2018.

SAM's journey started in December 2016 when SAM was Invited by Rolls-Royce to join their "Drive for Zero Defects Movement".  In April 2017 SAM began working with Rolls-Royce engineers to develop their PFMEA Roadmap starting with Defect Prevention Workshops followed by a "Zero Defect" part delivery kickoff event in July 2017.   SAM learned important lessons, developed recommended actions and identified measurable key success factors as a result of achieving each roadmap milestone.

Mr Honglei Zhu explained "At first we were concerned with this new approach to PFMEA and the time it would take to implement. During the initial workshops with Rolls-Royce it soon became clear the value of assessing each characteristic and understanding the individual risk profile. The time taken for the first part number was not as high as we had imagined and soon, we became used to the process and were able to become much more efficient. The PFMEA led us to make changes to how we would normally have manufactured the part. By implementing improvements, we saw a significant improvement in yield and are now at 100% Right First Time. Based on this success, we have now expanded the deployment of PFMEA to other part numbers."

In recognition of its high performance implementing AS13004, Rolls-Royce presented SAM Suzhou with a most improved supplier award. The momentous award achievement is a reflection of the SAM Suzhou team's efforts and commitment in meeting customers' expectations.

"It was a great example of true collaboration between Rolls-Royce and SAM Suzhou," said Dr Ian Riggs, Rolls-Royce's Quality Executive, "when deployed as part of a Zero Defects program it is important to recognise two key success factors (i) every characteristic must be included in the scope of the PFMEA and (ii) if the PFMEA does not lead to changes in either the design or the manufacturing process then the quality performance will not change. It is a credit to SAM Suzhou's leadership that they understood this and by avoiding the temptation of shortcutting the process they got the benefits really quickly."

AS13004 was developed by the SAE G-22 Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Standards Committee with membership representative of the engine OEMs and their supply chain.  Complementing existing standards, the SAE G-22 standards are filling gaps that have historically led to unnecessary waste. With six standards already published, the committee continues to work on additional standards, with more expected in the coming year. Based on the strong results from its initial efforts, the ability for AESQ to drive company adoption and impact industry appears certain.

AS13004 was created to establish a common practice for effective process risk identification, assessment, mitigation, and prevention. It defines a methodology to mitigate risk using Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA), and Control Plans. It is to be used by organizations throughout the life cycle of a product.

(The picture shows Honglei Zhu being presented with the 'Most Improved Supplier Award' by Chris Cholerton, President of Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace, Dr Caroline Chambers, EVP Purchasing Rolls-Royce, and Mike Mosley, Director of Operations, Rolls-Royce.  The presentation was made in London in March 2018.)

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