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AESQ™ standards address problem solving, inspection frequency, measurement systems, PFMEA, and process control.

Defect Prevention Tools to Support APQP & PPAP Subject Matter Interest Group

The purpose of the Defect Prevention Tools to Support APQP & PPAP Subject Matter Interest Group is to promote the effective deployment of Reference Manual RM13004 throughout the supply chain.


The key areas of focus of this group are:
  • Design FMEA
  • Product Key Characteristics
  • Process Flowcharts
  • Process FMEA
  • Process Key Characteristics
  • Control Plans

AESQ Zero Defects Video


Current Activities:
  • Create mini-instructional videos of key elements of creating the Process FMEA and Control Plan 
  • Developing an approach to creating Reference FMEAs for Design FMEA 
  • Creating a standard library of Reference Process FMEAs to share across the industry. 
  • Develop a library of Best Practice Applications of RM13004 elements to upload onto this website.
Upcoming Events: 

Watch this space for future event announcements or visit the Events tab.

Past Events: 

Webinar Series – “AESQ Process Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (PFMEA) – AS13100 Process FMEA Requirements” presented by Dr. Ian Riggs, Rolls-Royce 

Led by Dr Ian Riggs, this series of interactive webinars describes the intent of the AESQ AS13100 requirements for Process FMEA and Control Plans and how they link to the effective deployment of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and a Zero Defect Strategy.

These webinars explain how AS13100 Process FMEA and Control Plans can be developed, maintained and improved using real examples of best practice from across the industry. They illustrate the unique approach to the use of Reference Process FMEAs to help standardize the organization’s PFMEAs and to reduce the length of time taken to create them.

  Subject Matter Interest Group Team Leader
Dr. Ian Riggs
  Quality & HSE Executive


Day 1 Video        Day 2 Video        Day 3 Video

Day 1 Presentation        Day 2 Presentation        Day 3 Presentation

Day 1-3 Question & Answer

Defect Prevention Tools to Support APQP & PPAP
Subject Matter Interest Group Experts
  Name Company Role
1 Dr. Ian Riggs Rolls-Royce Team Leader
2 Rob Farndon Rolls-Royce Deputy Team Leader
3 Rudi Braunrieder MTU Member
4 Marc Boursicot Safran Member
5 Jonas Nickel Rolls-Royce Member
6 Christophe Bertho Safran Member
7 Steven Finup GE Aviation Member
8 Lena Eckerbom Wendel GKN Member
9 Lise Brox GKN Member
10 Stephan Daux Safran Member
11 Peter Heidner MTU  Member
12 Jim Barge GE Aviation Member
13 Andrea Neumann MTU  Member
14 Zach Quinn Pratt & Whitney Member
15 Tammy Jack CPP Member

RM13004 Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to find out more information about any of the above activities or get involved in them, please contact Ian Riggs using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page.  

Community of Practice

Subject matter experts are invited to connect with us on LinkedIn to exchange ideas, ask pertinent questions, share best practices and learn as a community.

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