AESQ™ Webinar: Defect Prevention Tools to Support APQP & PPAP

Webinar: Defect Prevention Tools to Support APQP & PPAP

June 16, 2021
Virtual Event

Learn How to Create a Reference Process FMEA in 6 Easy Steps

This webinar will focus on how to create a standard Reference Process FMEA that can be used as a basic building block to create Part Number Specific Process FMEAs that meet the intent of AS13100 and Reference Manual RM13004. 

Reference Process FMEAs have been shown to reduce the time taken to create a new process FMEAs by up to 70% enabling the teams to focus more on the defect prevention activities. Ian Riggs will share his experience of creating the Reference FMEAs for a machining and assembly operation enabling participants to go back into their organizations and develop their own library of Reference PFMEAs. 

Dr. Ian Riggs, Rolls-Royce, will lead this webinar outlining the ambition of AESQ to develop industry wide Reference process FMEAs to benefit the whole of the supply chain.

Subject Matter Interest Group Team Leader
Dr. Ian Riggs
Quality & HSE Executive


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