AESQ™ Supplementary Materials

These supplementary guidance documents, forms and checklists are provided for users to download and utilize in conjunction with the standard specified.  The associated standard can be obtained from the Standards web page of this website.  This material is derived from the specified standards, which is copyrighted property of the AESQ Strategy Group™, a program of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia®.




AS13000 Problem Solving Requirements for Suppliers Word Form
AS13000FR Exigences en résolution de problèmes pour les fournisseurs Word Form
AS13002 Requirements for Developing and Qualifying Alternate Inspection Frequency Plans Excel Form
AS13003 Measurement Systems Analysis Requirements for the Aero Engine Supply Chain Excel Checklist
AS13004 Process Risk Identification, Assessment, Mitigation and Prevention Excel Form

A Practitioner’s Guide to Deploying AS13004 to Achieve Zero Defects

PDF Guide
AS13006 Process Control Methods - Appendix B – Assessment Checklist Excel Checklist
AS13006 Process Control Methods – Appendix C – Training Syllabus PDF Document
AS13006 Process Control Methods – Appendix D – Guidance Materials PDF Document
AS13006 Process Control Methods – Appendix E – Process Capability Plan Excel Form
AS13006 Communication Package PDF Document