AESQ eNewsletter 2021 March 1

SAE AS13100™ Standard Published

AS13100 AESQ Quality Management System Requirements for Aero Engine Design and Production Organizations will be published March 1, 2021. AS13100 was created by the SAE G-22 Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Technical Committee to replace common customer specific requirements - leading to simplification and harmonization between engine manufacturer supply chains. AS13100 will be supported by 13 AESQ Reference Manuals plus an SAE AS13100™ Training Program.

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AS13100 Supplemental Quality Management System Requirements Training

Learn about how AS13100 minimizes requirements and improves overall product quality by focusing on the key quality systems and processes! Through an executive overview and a self-paced course, your organization can gain key knowledge about a common quality language, how to gain compliance to AS13100 and the business value and benefit of the standard. Walk-through each section of the standard and understand the new requirements.

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AESQ Reference Manuals Supporting the SAE AS13100™ Standard

The AESQ Reference Manuals (RMs) supporting the SAE AS13100™ Standard provide additional detail on certain subjects describing the intent of the standard and providing guidance on deployment.  The RMs are designed to enable the supply chain to deploy the AS13100 requirements efficiently and effectively through case studies, guidance material, forms and checklists specific to each section of the standard to aid the user with implementation.

The AESQ Reference Manuals will be available for free download from the AESQ website in mid March at:

AESQ Virtual Supplier Forum

AESQ will hold its first Virtual Supplier Forum on Wednesday, April 21. This event is hosted by the AESQ Strategy Group and includes presentations by Senior Leadership from AESQ Member Companies. Plan now to participate and learn more about the AS13100 AESQ Quality Management System Requirements for Aero Engine Design and Production Organizations Standard, AS13100 Training, supporting Reference Manuals and the transition timeline.

AESQ Year-End Report

AESQ shares their 2020 Year-End Report noting several accomplishments including publication of "Management of Key Date Related Approvals" Guidance Documents, a new "DPRV Certified" logo, new ways to "Get Involved" plus a look forward to exciting plans for 2021 including a Virtual Supplier Forum focused on AS13100.

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Zero Defects Video

AESQ has released a revised Zero Defects Video to align with publication of the AS13100 Standard, AS13100 Training and AESQ Reference Manuals.

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